Egypt is a conservative country but more modern than I imagined. In the last ten years, Egypt has become the contemporary center of Africa. Contrary to other Middle east countries, women are employed in every field, including doctors, scientists, lawyers, and even small-business owners.

As a female in Egypt, how safe is it?

A lot of people fear security in Egypt, especially women. I cannot discuss my trip to Egypt without discussing these concerns, which are the subject of my DMs each time I go.

First off, I do believe that the media depicts Egypt as being more dangerous than it is. I never once felt in danger being in Egypt. For example, if searched for the travel advisories to Americans or Canadians today, it would reader consider traveling due to terrorist threats’ or ‘travel with extreme care’.

In the years I have been an individual female traveler, I have significantly gained the trust from others, but I’ve also learned to be highly vigilant. If you are traveling alone or in the rest of a group, be aware of the surroundings. 

Wherever you go, there are always tourists to threaten. The less touristy you appear, the more attractive. I have an extra backpack with all the equipment I carry when I travel. I try to avoid taking my camera around since it can make your image stand out.

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Egyptians are very demanding, but I’ve never been in danger. Perhaps it’s because I’m an Egyptian myself, but Egyptians are very gentle. It can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with this type of hustle.

You’ll meet people everywhere you go who want to come by your store, promising they’ll offer them the desirable price. And everyone will be raving about you as if you’re Barbiend aormous person they’ve seen.

I look at Middle Eastern, and it’s still happening to me. I can see how it could create a feeling of fear in anyone who isn’t already used to it. This is why there are enough mixed reviews on Egypt.

One important thing to remember before you travel to Egypt is the word “no. No is pronounced “La.” It may be basic, but it is the most important word you’ll ever use.

It’s best to do the research yourself. I’ve only positive comments about Egypt; however, I have friends and travelers who are unsure.

The final experiences will be entirely yours. Don’t let the opinions of others affect your choice. Instead, use this guide to plan travel and observe the experience yourself. You may not be getting the accurate moment of your life!

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