Until I Make My Cousin Happy Sequel: A New Chapter

The manga “until I make my cousin happy sequel” is a heartwarming tale about a younger boy named Iruma who sets out to make his cousin, Shuri, glad. Shuri is a type and gentle female, however, she has been through a lot of trauma in her life. Iruma has decided to assist her in healing and discovering pleasure once more.

The manga ends with Iruma and Shuri confessing their love for each other and beginning a new bankruptcy of their lives. However, there are still many memories to be advised about their journey collectively.

Sequel Ideas

Here are a few ideas for a sequel to “until I make my cousin happy sequel”:

Iruma and Shuri should start a relationship and discover their relationship. They would need to navigate the challenges of past love, such as jealousy, conversation issues, and dealing with their households’ expectations.

Iruma should continue to assist Shuri in healing from her trauma. He may want to inspire her to seek professional help, and he will be there to help her via the tough process of recuperation. Iruma and Shuri may want to flow out of their mother and father’s homes and start dwelling together. This could be a big step for both of them, however, it might additionally supply them the liberty to build their very own lifestyles together.

Iruma and Shuri ought to visit the college collectively. They could study one-of-a-kind subjects, but they could also be able to guide every different via the demanding situations of pupil lifestyles.

Iruma and Shuri ought to begin a family on their very own. This could be an herbal development of their courting, and it might be thrilling to look at how they increase their youngsters.

No rely what path the sequel takes, it’s certain to be a heartwarming and inspiring tale about love, restoration, and finding happiness.

Possible Challenges

While Iruma and Shuri’s love for each other is strong, there are nevertheless some demanding situations that they’ll face within the sequel.

Their households. Iruma and Shuri’s households have very exceptional expectations for them. Iruma’s own family is supportive and loving, but Shuri’s circle of relatives is more conventional and conservative.

This ought to cause conflict between the 2 families, and it may also put stress on Iruma and Shuri to pick between their families and their dating.

Shuri’s trauma. Shuri has been through quite a few traumas in her existence, and it’s miles nonetheless affecting her. She might also have difficulty trusting people, and she or he may also be afraid of getting harmed again. This may want to make it tough for her to completely open up to Iruma and build a deep and significant court with him.

Their personal personal boom. Iruma and Shuri are each young and growing individuals. They might also alternate over the years, and they’ll grow in exclusive instructions. This may cause them to feel much less connected to each other, and it could additionally put a strain on their dating.
Despite those challenges, Iruma and Shuri’s love for each other is powerful. They are each committed to creating their dating paintings, and they’re inclined to fight for their happiness.

Additional Thoughts

In addition to the demanding situations indexed above, Iruma and Shuri can also face challenges from the outdoor world. For instance, they may be discriminated against because they’re cousins who are dating. They might also face demanding situations if they decide to stay together or start their own family earlier than they are married.

Despite these demanding situations, I trust that Iruma and Shuri’s love for each other will succeed. They are each strong and determined people, and they may be inclined to fight for their happiness. I am excited to see what the future holds for them in a sequel to “until I make my cousin happy sequel.”


A sequel to “until I make my cousin happy sequel” could be a welcome boost to the manga global. It would be exciting to peer how Iruma and Shuri’s relationship progresses, and it’d be inspiring to help them overcome the demanding situations that they face collectively.

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