You Need UPVC Windows in Philadelphia, Here’s Why

When you think of Philadelphia’s iconic architecture, chances are your mind goes to historic buildings like Independence Hall or the grand art museums along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. But the humble window is the unsung hero that helps preserve these cultural treasures while keeping modern buildings energy-efficient. And in Philly’s harsh climate, the windows you choose matter.

For new construction or renovations in the City of Brotherly Love, two windows rise above the rest – UPVC and aluminum. While wood windows have that classic look, today’s top options blend ideal performance with sleek style.

Why UPVC Rules for Windows in Philadelphia

You know those drafty old windows that let in outdoor noise and spike your heating bills? UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) windows leave those problems in the dust. This premium plastic resists cracking, fading, warping and rotting way better than wood or cheaper vinyl.

UPVC windows in Philadelphia have a massive advantage in our wild Philly climate. Their insulated frames prevent heat transfer far more effectively than most other materials. When winter winds howl off the Delaware River, you’ll be toasty warm indoors without skyrocketing heating costs.

In summer, UPVC’s low thermal conductivity blocks the blazing sun from turning your home into an oven. You can crank the AC less and stay comfortable all year round. Plus, UPVC windows are incredibly low-maintenance. No more scraping, painting or staining!

The name brand for premium UPVC in Philadelphia is Rehau. Their elegant, customizable styles enhance any home’s curb appeal while delivering top-tier energy efficiency. Stellar insulation means Rehau can meet rigorous “passive house” standards.

Aluminum: The Sleek, Sturdy Window Choice

For a clean, ultra-modern look, aluminum windows in Philadelphia will not just look stunning but are also strong as steel. Aluminum frames are slender yet solid, creating a seamless surface with big glass panes. Imagine expansive city views through crystal-clear glass in your home or office.

Unlike steel windows, aluminum doesn’t rust, even in Philly’s humid summers. Basic aluminum frames are budget-friendly, though premium brands like Peerless add upscale features like thermal breaks that boost energy efficiency.

Aluminum Windows for Commercial Buildings

Aluminum windows shine for commercial buildings where huge glass walls are in vogue. Sleek aluminum frames are ideal for shopfronts, restaurants, schools or contemporary office spaces. The skinny sightlines optimize daylighting and outward visibility.

Aluminum Windows for Residential Places

On the residential side, aluminum windows are perfect for that coveted “industrial chic” style. They complement Philadelphia’s brick beauty, from ultra-modern new construction to historic rehabbed factories. Imagine an aluminum-framed glass wall opening onto your urban patio!

While less insulating than UPVC, aluminum performs well in our region with a thermal break that separates the interior and exterior frame sections. It’s a smart balance of energy efficiency and minimalist style.


For Philadelphia’s harsh weather extremes, UPVC and aluminum are two windows rising above the pack. UPVC reigns supreme for superior insulation that cuts costs year-round, while aluminum provides ultra-modern design with decent energy efficiency. Either way, you’re investing in high-caliber windows tailored to elevate and protect Philadelphia architecture for decades to come.

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